Support the Project

Tim McLaughlin is the president of Shelter Legal Services, a charitable organization that provides free legal advice to our homeless and low-income veterans.  It relies heavily on tax-deductible donations from people who care. We hope this exhibition will inspire you to donate.


The War Diaries Project is a crowd-funded collaboration between Peter Maass, Gary Knight and Tim McLaughlin, and it will last as long as our funding allows. Please donate if you wish to support the project’s continuation and growth. You can donate via Paypal, with the button below, or if paying directly through PayPal use gro.seiraidrawnull@etanod


The Bronx Documentary Center is a non-profit gallery and educational space that aims to create an engaging environment for local and international photojournalists, artists, filmmakers, critics and educators committed to innovative methods of non-fiction storytelling.  The BDC also relies on tax-deductible charitable donations.


Please address any questions to gro.seiraidrawnull@mit.